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SWE 632 : User Interface Design and Development
Schedule — Spring 2011
IT&E's Elluminate Student Instructions

Week Date Topic Readings Project Evals
      Handouts Due Dates  
11/24 Introduction and Background Class admin
S-Ch. 1
$300,000,000 button
  1a: Checkout
21/31 Theory, Psychology
Analytical Thinking
S-Ch. 2.1-2.3.5
C-Ch. 1, 3
Don't Make Me Think
The book
Project assigned 1a due
1b: Cell phone
32/7 Mental Models
Menus, Screens, & Form Fill
C-Ch. 2
S-Ch. 6, 11.4
Apple's Flatland
Statement of Intent due 1b due
42/14 Command Languages and Error Messages S-Ch. 7, 11.2
C-Ch. 25
Error Msgs
User Profile due 2a: TV Guide
52/21 HyperText Theory
Web Site Design
Nielsen on frames
W3C's validator
Interface Goals due 2a due
62/28 Graphical User Interfaces C-Ch. 9-12
Flow in Firefox
Technology Demo due
Deploying servlets
2b due
3a: Drawing tool
73/7 Midterm Exam      
 3/14 Spring Break - no class      
8x3/21 Instructor out of town. Work on project.    
93/28 Graphical User Interfaces
Guest: Andrew Nguyen, TST
S-Ch. 5
C-Ch. 13-14
Firefox Transient
Icon Design
Screen Designs due 3a due
3b: Music player
104/4 Graphical User Interfaces
Interaction Details
Rich Franzen's color wheel
C-Ch. 15-17
  3b due
4a: Email
114/11 Graphical User Interfaces
Data Entry
C-Ch. 18-19 Projects due: Demos 4a due
4b: Travel site
124/18 Controls
GUI Testing
C-Ch. 20-24 4b due
5: eRepublik game
134/25 Usability Engineering
S-Ch. 4, Nielsen
Usab Eng
Web UI articles
Projects due: Non-demo 5 due
145/2 Project Demos
Wrapup & review
Final review  
 5/9 Reading Day Per GMU policy, late projects CANNOT be submitted on or after the reading day.
155/16 FINAL EXAM 4:30 - 7:15    

Note: S-Ch. X means chapter X in Shneiderman; C-Ch. X means chapter X in Cooper.


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