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1955   Light guns - SAGE air defense system and its predecessor, the Cape Cod System at MIT
1960   Light pen as screen pointer
1962   Joysticks - Analog air traffic control displays in the late 50s, e.g., the rbde-5(Radar Bright Display Equipment) made by Raytheon.
1963   Douglas Engelbart receives a patent on the mouse pointing device for computers.
1968   Douglas Engelbart, of the Stanford Research Institute, demonstrates his system of keyboard, keypad, mouse, and windows.
1975   Pointing device with on-screen pointer Doug Englebart@SRI(mid 70s). Cursor changes to show context David Tilbrook(Newswhole). Menus - LRG@Xeros PARC (approx). dimming of inactive buttons David Tilbrook(Newswhole).
1976   Popup Menus - Ingalls(LRG)@Xerox PARC
1978   (approx) Keyboard-based hierarchical menus UCSD's Pascal system. Bitmapped displays CSL@Xerox PARC, for the Alto. PERQ was first commercial product. Dialog Boxes Xerox PARC(property sheets). Multiple fonts & styles in text Xerox PARC.
1979   Hierarchical menus - Xerox PARC (Smalltalk)
1980   (approx) Pulldown menus, menu bar, disabling of menu items, command keys for menu items, check marks on menu items - Apple. Move/Copy.Delete - Xerox PARC.

1981 - 1990